—Social Ventures

Tech-enabled and social impact ventures. Food upcycling, pay-what-you-want programs, and a grocery store on wheels are just a few of the big ideas we’ve kickstarted.

—The Social Ventures program incubates inspiring, disruptive ideas that will grow into businesses that change our food systems for the better.

Anew is a food upcycling program. When donors have a large amount of ingredients, we offer them to local chefs, bakers, and food artisans to make beautiful food creations. We help market the new product and a portion of the proceeds is donated back to Leftovers.

Fresh Routes is a mobile grocery store that sells fresh, affordable food in neighbourhoods that face barriers to accessing food. Our trucks and buses are loaded with fruits, veggies, eggs, and whole grains for community members who need them.

Kin Cornerstore is an innovative pay-what-you-want program that enables community members to buy food in a welcoming space. Regardless of how much money you have, Kin is an inclusive space for people to feel at home – at Kin, everyone is family.