—Rescue Food

Rescue food and deliver it to service agencies. Volunteers can connect with donors, rescue food before it ends up in the landfill, and redirect it to service agencies.

—The Rescue Food App was developed as a tech-enabled solution to combat food waste.

Whether you own a bakery, restaurant, or grocery store, donating food is simple and effective. The Rescue Food App reduces the costs associated with storing or throwing out excess food, and you make a valuable contribution to your community.

Service agencies that receive donated food are able to redirect funding from their grocery bills into vital education and rehabilitation programs. Clients are able to make the most of their opportunities when they have access to nutritious food.

The Rescue Food App is designed to work around our volunteers’ schedules – route times are spread out, giving people the opportunity to help at their convenience. Rescuing food can be as easy as stopping off at a local business on your way home.

In 2020, there were 314,321 meals provided using the rescued food picked up from food donors and delivered to service agencies.

146 service agencies benefited from the Rescue Food App

221 businesses donated food in 2020

4,776 routes were completed in the Rescue Food App

As a volunteer, you choose what routes work best for you. Download our app to rescuing and directing food.

Want to donate food or receive food? Read about how food donors and service agencies can get involved.